Day 1

Today is my first ever day of blogging. This promises to be a thrilling event, for all ages, excluding infants of course. (Nothing personal, but I don’t want to overwhelm them with my glorious insights, ideas, and adventures. Oh and probably most of them wouldn’t understand as I feel certain they don’t speak English.) For my first post, I am going to fill you all in on my favorite things, other than the most obvious…i.e. Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens, etc.

Favorite Thing #1: Todd Edward May


FT#2: Cupcakes!!! I love to bake them and eat them and share them and take photos of them doing sexy poses! (Another reason infants shouldn’t be viewing this.) Below are German chocolate with coconut pecan frosting which is truly heavenly. Delicious and gooey and yum!


FT#3: Dinosaurs. They’re fierce and they’re kind and they’re soft and they smell like blossoms and sometimes chocolate and they’re good listeners. If you disagree, please feel free to send me living evidence refuting said allegations. I would prefer this living evidence to be a baby T-Rex please.

FT#4: Spring. It’s so green! Summer. Also green. And warm. Fall. Less green and less warm, but pumpkin flavored goodies are in season! Winter. Not green. (I live in MT) Not warm. Cold, in fact, but good for hot chocolate, trick or treating ( winter starts mid-October here. Nothing like dressing up as a princess and having to wear a big-ass coat. Even underneath the costume so you can admire the glitz and drama, the effect is ruined as puffy princess is not the look you were envisioning.) and shoveling snow. But I digress…so to sum up #4, I love seasons!

FT#8: Fresh, clean, soft sheets. I get to experience this at least once a week, and it is such a lovely encounter. I make my own laundry detergent and it leaves clothes and linens smelling like dinosaurs! Mmm. So nice. Here is the recipe I use for laundry detergent, in the event you wish to be engulfed in sheets like a cloud.

FT#9: My dog baby, Elly. Also goes by Smelly, Eleanor, Stinker Dog, Fluffer Stache, and Snifter. On many occasions, we refer to her as White Magnificence, because, well, actually the name says it all. She’s very talkative, like her grandmother, and she lives a very privileged existence. Elly is a schnauzpire in that she only has 4 teeth, her canines, which I have to brush weekly. Also I recently put curtains on her dog door, purely for fancy-ness. Please refer back to her privileged existence.


FT#10: And to complete my compilation. Number 10… I love creating things. I generally have roughly 8-12 projects going at a time and I can thank Pinterest for that. My latest project is a dinosaur mobile for my brother and sister-in-law and it promises to be the cutest thing around. I will report back with photos upon completion. Until then, thanks for playing. Please come back soon!